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We are internist united by our common purpose to save lives and

reduce burden of infectious diseases


Who We Are

The Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Inc., or PSMID, is the country's leading professional association of specialist in infectious diseases and microbiology. Amoung its ranks are members who are the pillars of the subspecialty in the philippines - eminent practitioners of national and international stature, and stars in the academe.


About Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease medicine is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine that focuses on the management and prevention of infectious diseases. Doctors in this field are medical detectives that combine clinical and laboratory skills to diagnose and treat not just patients, but the community as well.


Chapters & Regions

Chapters & Regions

Wherever you are, there is PSMID member near you. Chapters are organized by geographical region. To learn more, simply reach out to our member in your area .

PSMID Leadership

The PSMID Board is the organization's governing body whose responsibilities are to supervise, coordinate, manage and regulate policies and issues. Members of the Board are elected annually and are advised by a network of committees.

Members of the Board

Council of Advisers

Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee

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