The Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program was envisioned by Dr. Remedios F. Coronel as early as 1992 but it was in 1993 when more Infectious Disease Specialists joined the Section of Infectious Diseases that the objectives and policies of the program were set and subsequently endorsed by the Chairman of the Department of Medicine then, Dr. Jesus Y. Perez, and approved by Medical Director then, Dr. Arsenio Cantos. The pioneer fellow-in-training started in 1994 with two trainees and annually, one fellow was accepted. In 2001, Dr. Remedios Coronel turned over leadership of the section to Dr. Dionisio M. Tiu. The institution grew over the years and the Infectious Disease subspecialty became more recognized, not only in the institution, but also on a national scale, as reflected in the increase in the number of patients referred to the section. Thus in 2013, the Section has decided to accept two fellows per year, for trainIng.  Currently, the Section has produced 26 Infectious Disease Specialists. There are 13 active consultants in the section and manning different units such as the Infection Control Committee, Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs, and the HIV/AIDS Treatment Hub. .

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